In sports, there are plenty of ways to get hurt. In 2012, the cost of dental injuries in the United States related to sports activities reached about 4.2 billion in only that year. The very sad part about that is that 30-50% of these injuries were preventable. With proper training skills, the purchase of appropriate equipment, and the wearing and utilization of fitted protective equipment such as an athletic occlusal guard. It is assumed that only sports such as boxing, football, martial arts and hockey are the only contact sports that require the use of a an athletic occlusal guard but that is not the case. Even basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, skateboarding, and many other non-contact sports require a guard but are never taken seriously until it is too late. Also, misinformation is a problem. Coach’s do not enforce the need for a custom made guard and suggest boil/ bite mouth guards that can be purchased at a local sporting goods store, boiled in hot water, and bitten down on while hot to mimic tooth dentition. These guards do not fit properly and DO NOT prevent traumatic injuries to the face and teeth. Most common sports injuries are tooth loss, blunt trauma resulting in the need of root canal treatment, cracked or chipped teeth requiring replacements with crowns and veneers and jaw injuries resulting in TMD Disorder (see section about TMD disorder). We believe strongly in preventing these problems especially since a simple athletic occlusal guard can save a patient from a life-time of dental conditions that can result.