Although the name might sound a bit scary, the Piezotome is a friend to any dental implant patient. This small powerful device attaches to a surgical dental hand piece that is a crucial tool in painless implant dentistry. This device with a skilled clinician performs fast incisions for precise dental surgery that is not only effortless but without pressure to bone and soft surrounding tissues which allows for easier healing and shorter appointment times. Due to instruments like the Piezotome, implant surgery is quick, gentle, and non-invasive. It makes the whole process so easy that there  is little to no swelling or recovery pain at all. The constant flow of the pressure maintains the surgical area free from bleeding allows Dr. Natour to not only see the surgical area clearly but promotes antibacterial healing area. The Piezotome also aids in painless extractions, bone augmentation, removal of tissue and lengthening of the teeth. Surgical procedures are made easy with a Piezotome.