The use of dental x-rays now in dentistry is crucial to the diagnosis of dental conditions and disease. Digital X-rays allow us to have remarkable x-ray images that are extremely clear and detailed. The images are taken with very slim sensors instead of film that is attached to our computers and allows you to see your teeth the instant the film is taken as opposed to film methods that required processing time. Also the sensors are so highly sensitive to minimal amounts of radiation, that it allows for 80% less radiation then a conventional film x-ray.  Essentially you get more radiation sitting at the beach for 10 hours then you do from 1 dental x-ray. The benefits of digital dental x-rays are that x-rays can be digitally enhanced to see underlying conditions, can be send via email as jpeg images, and the clarity allows us to see the start of a dental condition before your symptoms even start. X-rays are necessary in treating patients appropriately, and digital x-rays allow us to help you faster, more precise, and catch conditions before they start.