With two office locations, our administrative office is open Monday through Saturday with hours that can accommodate almost any schedule.

Dr. Mazen Natour DMD

30 Central Park South, Suite 10D
New York,

Tel: 212-518-6494

Fax: 212-202-6072

Our Clinical Hours are as follows:
Tuesday: 6pm-8pm

Wednesday: 6pm-8pm

Friday: 2pm-8pm

Saturday: 8am-3pm

At Mazen Natour DMD, PLLC, we understand that emergencies can arise at all hours and we are here 24 hours for your help at (646) 400-7435. We have dedicated team that are always available anytime you have a question or concern. We do not have an answering service, you speak directly to us. What’s better than speaking directly to the people who know you, your teeth, and familiar with your case and medical conditions? We never turn away an emergency patient during regular business hours and if there is a dental emergency, we will make every necessary attempt to see you right away. Your comfort and confidence in us is our main goal so not matter what the issue or worry, you are always here for you.