CAD/CAM Dentistry is the latest field of dentistry using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing to make several restorations such as crowns, inlays, veneers and dental implants crowns. Dental softwares aides the dentist by taking images that scans directly into the computer and acts as a digital impression. The data gathered by this image creates a 3D replacement part for the missing areas in the mouth, a virtual restoration. Atlantis CAD /CAM Dentistry takes the technology of CAD/CAM to another level in implant dentistry.  Implant dentistry has never been so easy. Atlantis CAD/CAM technology uses a combination of advanced CAD/CAM technology and award winning Atlantis software to make, implant attachments (abutments) that are shaped like your natural teeth. A digital impression is taken and the attachments are made completely designed to the available space in your mouth which means quick and accurate insertion, custom fit medical-grade titanium or zirconia abutments which provides best possible integration with  the implant fixture. Due to this implant technology, implants are an option for everyone both clinically and financially. Our amazing results are our best referral source for new patients. If you have an implant created with Atlantis CAD/CAM technology, you will spread the good news too.